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BBC Witness History-The1945 Pan-African Congress
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The United Kingdom's First History Professor of African Heritage

Borders Literature April 2020

Radio interview Wpfw

 Washington DC.


Life and Times of Britain's First Black History Professor (part 1)

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The United States of Africa.


Life and Times of Britain's First Black History Professor (part 2)


Panafricanisme. Entretien avec Hakim Adi

BBC The History Hour-Black British History (October 2019)
00:00 / 50:35

Discovering Africa in London

Discovering Africa in London.jpg

The Voice Online: The History of Africa and the Diaspora

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The New Scramble for Africa

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Caribbean anti-colonial activists in Britain before World War Two


Roape Net: Pan-Africanism and Communism 

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BBC: African Transatlantic Slave Trade

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